LEWY, YOḤANAN (Hans; 1904–1945), classical scholar. Lewy studied at the university of his native Berlin. After doing   research in Russia, Armenia, and Palestine, he settled in Palestine in 1933, becoming lecturer in classical languages at the Hebrew University. He made his chief scholarly contribution in the field of Jewish Hellenism (e.g., his articles in Encyclopaedia Judaica and Eshkol Enẓiklopedyah Yisre'elit), with particular emphasis on Philonic studies (Neue Philontexte in der Ueberarbeitung des Ambrosius (1932); Von den Machterweisen Gottes (1935); The Pseudo-Philonic De Jona (vol. 1 only, 1936); Philosophical writings; Philo, Selections (1946), repr. in Three Jewish Philosophers (1960). He edited volume 6 of I. Heine-mann-M. Adler's Die Werke Philos von Alexandria (1938). A collection of his articles on Judaism in the Greco-Roman world appeared in 1960 under the title of Olamot Nifgashim ("Worlds Meet"). His untimely death cut short a brilliant scholastic career (see collected eulogies published by the Hebrew University in 1946 with a partial bibliography). A memorial volume, Sefer Yoḥanan Lewy. Meḥkarim be-Helenismus Yehudi, edited by M. Schwabe and J. Gutman, appeared in 1949 (with bibliography by M.M. Plessner). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kressel, Leksikon, 2 (1967), 183, incl. bibl.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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